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Taking Control of Her Life

Lois has felt the full range of emotions since her first Crohn's episode. From depression during her teen years to the vibrant life she leads now, Lois has had an up and down battle with Crohn's disease.

About Lois

Lois was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at 17, just as she started to look forward to high school, driving, and growing into adulthood. To many of her classmates, she looked just like everyone else, but on the inside she was different. Crohn's was slowing her body’s development, making her different from the rest of her classmates—and depressed. At her lowest point, Lois began skipping her medication and not following the Crohn’s diet her doctor had prescribed.

Finally, Lois decided that she wouldn't let Crohn’s run her life. She started taking her medication, became open and honest about her disease, and went back to doing the things she loved. Lois now spends her free time traveling, horseback riding, and helping others in the Crohn’s community live a fun and active lifestyle.